May 22

Two apps I’ve been working on for the last 4 months have been released today in the app store: Passie voor Horeca and Passie voor Horeca LITE. I submitted them last monday so that’s 5 days until Apple approved it, that’s pretty fast if you ask me :-)

This app features the custom swipe on a UITableViewCell so you can get a feeling on how it works live.

Passie voor Horeca Populair

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May 12

Specifically one that can handle more then 4GB of RAM..

Don’t get me wrong, I have a nice setup here, with a 24″ iMac, a 2nd 24″ screen, and a Tritton See2 xtreme USB video adapter for a 3rd 21″ screen.. (to the devs of this device: Update your damn drivers to be Snow leopard 10.6.3 compatible and support 1920×1200 resolution for gods sake, I bought this thing because it had OSX support)

But with 2 Firefox windows open (each having about 12 tabs open), Xcode, the iPhone simulator, Mozilla thunderbird, sometimes Photoshop to review the work my designer’s cooked up for my apps AND Parallels for Paint Shop Pro 6 (hey I’m a programmer, not a designer.., it’s what I learned to work with back in my Windows years ;-) ), 4GB seriously isn’t enough!

If I leave my iMac running for a few days, I put it in sleep mode inbetween, the memory usage becomes quite high. After a week or so it starts some serious swapping. I just had to reboot because I was swapping 1.8GB to disk, you have any idea how slow your Mac becomes when it does that ? When you look at funny YouTube video’s of cats jumping in boxes, it stutters and hiccups madly. If my poor iMac could moan under the stress, it most certainly would!

So either I need one of these semi-new 27″ widescreen iMacs that support up to 8GB of RAM, or I need (want?) a spiffy Mac Pro that also handles more then 2 screens properly..

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