Aug 09

KookJij will be featured at on the 11th of August, where we will give away 7 free promo codes for our app.

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Feb 16

I removed the christmas theme and made the ‘KookJij Kerst’ app a more generic ‘KookJij Gratis’. Function-wise it’s still the same, just a little less jingle bells :-)

Update got approved on Feb 16th

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Nov 23

Released today: KookJij Kerst
A free version of the KookJij app themed for the holiday season.

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Aug 26

Today the Passie voor Horeca app is free today due to the monthly AppEvent free app of the day.

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Aug 05

KookJij is vandaag gratis in verband met de AppEvent-actie tijdens de maand augustus! Bezoek voor meer informatie over gratis applicaties in de komende dagen!

Om KookJij gratis te krijgen kun je rechts op ‘t App icon klikken..

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Jul 21

Yesterday, Passie voor Horeca 1.1 and Passie voor Horeca Lite 1.2 got accepted as update by apple. Two weeks ago, KookJij 1.4 also got accepted which in all cases fixed several bugs when running with iOS4.

With the KookJij app the main issue was a buggy imageloader class which loads thumbnails in a threaded way when scrolling through lists. This same class was used in the Passie voor Horeca apps. They all resulted in UIImages being loaded very slowly.
In the end I decided to rewrite the class from scratch.

Another issue with the Passie voor Horeca apps, was the major change in the MPMoviePlayerController, in iOS4 this class has been deprecated and was replaced by the MPMoviePlayerViewController class in iOS4. Hence some detection on the running OS version on iPhones is now in place, < 3.2 gets the old videoplayer, 3.2 (iPad) and higher gets the video player.

May 22

Two apps I’ve been working on for the last 4 months have been released today in the app store: Passie voor Horeca and Passie voor Horeca LITE. I submitted them last monday so that’s 5 days until Apple approved it, that’s pretty fast if you ask me :-)

This app features the custom swipe on a UITableViewCell so you can get a feeling on how it works live.

Passie voor Horeca Populair

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Apr 04

Somehow, I was always struggling with the proper certificates, permissions, names, icons, etc. when building an app for either my testers or the app store. has a very nice distribution build cheat sheet online.
Whenever I setup a new project for Ah-Hoc distribution or for Appstore distribution, I go over several steps in this document, it saves a lot of headaches on why XCode is complaining on missing certificates, provisioning profiles or why your just built app just won’t install on that tester’s iPhone.

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