Apr 05

Now as it happens to be, I’m from The Netherlands and somehow Steve Jobs (or rather his marketing department) forgot to add our country to the known release dates (gives a certain feeling of Deja-Vu since the same happened with the iPhone).

While setting up a twitter account yesterday to post blog updates, I stumbled on two companies giving away free iPads. Basically if you tweet a post about it you enter the draw to win one.

In the left corner we have Webs.com, who are about to give away their 5th iPad today.

And in the right corner I just stumbled upon Ambrosia Software giving away 4 free iPads and a software pack on it.

Fine, now let’s win that iPad so I can start porting my already released KookJij app on it while the rest of the country awaits the official release :-)

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Apr 05

For one of my projects, I needed the makeiPhoneRefMovie executable which is normally only available on OSX. This program will make a .mov index file referencing various movies (.3gp, .m4v) for various available bandwidths and will compile under Linux (Tested on Debian and CentOS 5 64-bit), it’s based on the original source by Apple and some functions (mostly the OSSwapHostToBigInt32 unctions that aren’t known on Linux) merged together.

Extract and compile with cc -o makeiPhoneRefMovie -g makeiPhoneRefMovie.c


# ../makeiPhoneRefMovie
usage: ../makeiPhoneRefMovie foo-low.3gp foo-high.m4v foo-desktop.mov foo-ref.mov
     creates foo-ref.mov with a special-purpose iPhone ref movie
     the other files need not exist; they're just embedded as URLs
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