Apr 05

For one of my projects, I needed the makeiPhoneRefMovie executable which is normally only available on OSX. This program will make a .mov index file referencing various movies (.3gp, .m4v) for various available bandwidths and will compile under Linux (Tested on Debian and CentOS 5 64-bit), it’s based on the original source by Apple and some functions (mostly the OSSwapHostToBigInt32 unctions that aren’t known on Linux) merged together.

Extract and compile with cc -o makeiPhoneRefMovie -g makeiPhoneRefMovie.c


# ../makeiPhoneRefMovie
usage: ../makeiPhoneRefMovie foo-low.3gp foo-high.m4v foo-desktop.mov foo-ref.mov
     creates foo-ref.mov with a special-purpose iPhone ref movie
     the other files need not exist; they're just embedded as URLs

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